8 Films about Talented Musicians

8 films about talented musicians

A violinist who lost her ability to play after an accident. Mozart’s older sister, in the shadow of her brother. An aspiring singer and a former producer recording an album right on the street. Collected 8 films about musicians and their difficult journey.

1. Viulisti (2018)

Karin is a talented violinist whose concerts draw audiences from all over Europe. But one day the musician is hit by a car, and despite good treatment and support from her husband, she can no longer return to music. Her fingers are permanently numb and Karin is unable to play the violin to the best of her abilities. 

Eight months later, the woman is offered a teaching position at a conservatory. At first, the violinist resists the idea – the students evoke painful memories of her lost career. But soon Karin sees herself in one of the ambitious and diligent students, and this inspires her to work. And all would be well, but suddenly the heroine realizes that she falls in love with a young man who is 20 years younger than her. 

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2. August Rush (2007)

The characters in this movie about musicians meet at a party and immediately fall in love with each other. But Luis is a simple guitarist in a little-known rock band, and Lila is a cellist from a powerful family. And it seems that they are not destined to be together: Lila’s father is against this relationship, and the couple have to break up. However, the girl soon learns that she is pregnant. She faints during childbirth, and when she wakes up, her father tells her that she has lost her son. In fact, the man has fraudulently signed a child relinquishment. 

Twelve years later, orphan Evan, a young musician, strives to find his parents. He escapes from the orphanage and begins playing on the street, confident that his mother and father will one day find their son after hearing his music.

3. Metal Lords (2022)

The main character of this movie about musicians is a teenager and aspiring drummer Kevin. Together with his friend Hunter, he creates a rock band and sincerely believes that one day he will achieve success. However, the boys are not popular at school, and all the attention gets a boy band that performs pop covers.

When the school announces a contest among musical groups, the friends realize that this is their chance to be heard. But the boys need a third contestant to win. No one is burning desire to join the boys. But then Kevin suddenly gets acquainted with a cellist, Emily, who plays her instrument at school after classes. The boy persuades her to join the band – and now the trio has a chance to beat their rivals.

4. Legend of 1900 (1998)

The action of this movie about a musician takes place in 1900. Danny the stoker works on the ship Virginia, which transports migrants from all over the world to America. One day the man finds an abandoned baby in a lemon crate. Danny decides to raise the boy as his own son. 

One day during a storm, Danny dies. The captain of the “Virginia” decides to give the orphan boy to an orphanage, but he hides on the ship and no one can find him. It is only a few days later that the boy shows up. At night, the passengers find him masterfully playing the piano. The hero has no idea that he will never set foot on dry land, but will become a great musician.

5. Un coeur en hiver (1992)

Friends Stefan and Maxim have been working together for many years. They restore old violins and make new ones. One day Maxim tells his friend that he has fallen in love with Camilla, a talented young violinist who fascinates everyone around him with her talent.

One day Camilla approaches Stefan with a request to repair her violin. This is how communication between the two young people develops. They meet at rehearsals, concerts and social gatherings and chat in the studio. Camilla suddenly realizes that she falls in love with Stefan, but he rejects her because he despises love. It’s up to the characters to sort out their feelings, reconsider their views and figure out what they really want.

6. Whiplash (2014)

Drummer Andrew is a freshman at one of the best conservatories in the United States. He wants to become a great musician whose name will forever be remembered in history, so he spends days and nights honing his skills. And one day it pays off, because he gets noticed by his teacher and great conductor Terence Fletcher. 

At first, the young musician is excited by the opportunity to work with Fletcher. However, it soon becomes clear that the teacher uses harsh methods during classes. He shouts, humiliates the students, makes them work until they are exhausted. Andrew wants to earn the conductor’s recognition and begins to practice even harder. Gradually working on himself takes up all the drummer’s time. He doesn’t notice how his dream turns into a real obsession. 

7. Begin Again (2013)

Dan is the co-founder of a music label. He has brought many performers to fame, but his life has started a losing streak. In the past three years, not a single singer the producer has noticed has succeeded. Dan starts drinking and gets kicked out of his own company. Upset, he goes to a bar and there he hears the amazing singing of a girl named Grace.

Inspired, Dan offers to collaborate with Grace. The girl does not believe in success, but agrees. The man takes her to his old friend, who has become the director of the label, but he does not see anything special in the aspiring singer. However, the former producer has no intention of giving up. Together with Grace the heroes of the film have to find decent musicians, record a whole album outside the studios and make a real star out of the singer.

8. Nannerl, la soeur de Mozart / Mozart’s Sister (2010)

The film tells the story of the Mozart family musicians Wolfgang and his older sister Nannerl. Together with their parents, they go to the Palace of Versailles to perform for the court. Everyone around admires the talent of both children, and Mozart Senior intends to make only Wolfgang great. His daughter, on the other hand, is destined to remain in the shadows. Her father forbids the girl to write her own music and play the violin, as he considers the instrument unsuitable for women. 

Nunnerl, on the other hand, dreams of writing compositions. One day at the Palace of Versailles, she meets the heir of King Louis XV. He is impressed by the way she plays and sings, and supports her aspirations. However, difficulties continue to haunt the heroine: not only her father, but also the whole society of the time is against the young musician.

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