Aalambana Movie News, Teaser Info and Release Date Details

Aalambana Movie

Aalambana is an Upcoming Tamil comedy movie written and directed by Pari K Vijay. The Aalambana Movie is produced by Kotapadi J Rajesh under the banner of KJR Studios. The movie stars Vaibhav,  Parvati Nair,  Munishkant,  Anand Raj, Pandiaraj, Dindugal Leoni, Robo Shankar. The movie music is composed by Hiphop Tamizha.

Movie plot

The movie storyline is about a youngster struggling in life. He finds a magic lamp full of mysteries. Their luck change becomes his luck or change his life in a negative angle. How to change the negative angles is the rest of the story.

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Movie Teaser Info

The producers released the film’s true Teaser on YouTube yesterday. In any case, it didn’t show the delivery date for the film. In any case, it accomplished something different that was without a doubt uncommon. The Teaser has created 2 million views on YouTube in under 24 hours of its release. The Tamil entertainment world has a restricted reach among the Indian masses. That is the reason the producers are content with this achievement.

The Teaser has shown every one of the characters looking vigorously for the blue-hued genie. Obviously, it appears to be unique from Disney’s unbelievable vivified film, Aladdin. We should simply say we are getting the Indian adaptation of genie. Simply rub the light tenderly to get down on the blue-shaded wish completer. Nothing has changed on that.

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