Bala Vs Ujda Chaman – Which One Would You Like To Watch?

Bala Vs Ujda Chaman

Plagiarism in the Bollywood movie industry is quite common. But, we have never noticed an identical movie story releasing in the same month. Yes, we are talking about Bala and Ujda Chaman, featuring Ayushman Khurana and Sunny Singh respectively. Whereas, Bala movie trailer was released earlier in September and now Ujda Chaman having a similar storyline is on talks. Hence we are here comparing Bala vs Ujda Chaman here.  In fact, Ujda Chaman is there in controversy since it’s trailer release & people say the movie is quite similar to Bala.  So, what exactly is the difference? let’s find out.

Bala vs Ujda Chaman Trailer

Looking at both the trailers, we can clearly see that the movie has a similar storyline. Both of these movies talk about the serious issue of baldness and how people make it a big issue. Apart from a similar story, there is a big difference in the narration & yes, the story is quite different too.

In Bala, we see how Ayushman cheats about his baldness & gets married. On the other hand, Sunny who is playing the lead in Ujda Chaman gets attracted to a fat lady. We have seen people talking about how similar the movie is, but we see a huge difference here.

The above trailer is about Ujda Chaman featuring Sunny SIng in the lead role. The trailer has already received 20M views.

The above trailer about Bala movie is as funny as Ujda Chaman. Similar to Ujda Chaman, Bala movie trailer has received similar 20M+ views.

Bala vs Ujda Chaman Release Date

Earlier, Bala movie was expected to release on 7th Nov 2019, but now the release date has changed. Bala movie new release date is set for 22nd Nov. Whereas, Ujda Chaman movie will release on 8th November.


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