Best Bollywood Movies about Unhappy Love

While most producers try to create movies with happy ends, telling about pure mutual love, there is always another side of the coin. Real life makes people face many challenges on the way to happiness, and Bollywood movies are really good at telling the stories about unhappy love. And if you don’t have a partner who can share your preferences and has the same taste in movies, then you should look for Russian women for marriage. Here are Best Bollywood Movies about Unhappy Love.

Best Bollywood Movies about Unhappy Love

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  • Because

    Anand suffers from memory loss. He was sent to the clinic for compulsory treatment because he had committed the crime. His attending doctors, Sunil and Tanvi, use the progressive rehabilitation course and do the impossible: Anand’s memory’s coming back.
    Tanvi and Anand fall in love with each other over time, but Tanvi’s father who is an owner of the clinic is against their marriage. He has other plans for his daughter’s future. Now, Anand is not only under heavy guard but also in mortal danger.

  • My Name Is Khan

    Talking about another Best Bollywood Movies about Unhappy Love, “My Name is Khan” is a story of a Muslim man, Rizvan Khan. He has Asperger syndrome, and any social interaction is torture for him. Nonetheless, he falls in love with a charming girl Mandira and does everything to achieve reciprocity. When their relationship cracks, he decides to take an incredible trip around America.
    Due to the similarity of the plot and the temperaments of the main characters, the movie is often compared to Forrest Gump. However, here, you will be able to face important socio-political problems of the modern world.

  • The Lunchbox

    Another Best Bollywood Movies about Unhappy Love “The Lunchbox” does not fit into the stereotypes about Bollywood cinema. A lonely accountant, who is about to be retired, starts a correspondence with a married but no less lonely woman. Their correspondence is via lunchboxes! Their love affair will not have a continuation, but it will help change their lives.
    Despite the simplicity of the plot, the film got several national awards and won the audience award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

  • Veer-Zaara

    Veer had great love in his life, but it resulted in big problems. He has got into a Pakistani prison and lost interest in the world. Veer-Zaara is another Best Bollywood Movies about Unhappy Love. The human rights defender has to get him talking, considering that he hasn’t uttered a single word during his imprisonment. It is an incredibly romantic and poignant movie which has conquered the audience with its precisely doomed beauty. Of course, there are musical numbers in the film, but they are not annoying.

  • From the Heart

    A non-standard film tells about a journalist who falls in love with a terrorist. After a chance meeting, Amar cannot get the mysterious stranger out of his head, but he doesn’t know that she has already got the fatal task from the separatists. It is a too serious movie about unhappy love that makes you look at the problem of a terrorist from a completely new side. Mani Ratnam offers to look at suicide bombers as at people who have lost in their own beliefs. Typically, such gullible victims of religious propaganda have always a tragic finale, and the director decides not to smooth out the passions, shocking the audience with its outcome.

  • Tomorrow May Never Come

    In the center of the storyline is Naina, a young girl who is used to living in seclusion. Her worldview changes after meeting with Aman, a man who doesn’t have very long to live because of the fatal disease.
    Tomorrow May Never Come is one of the best works of Shah Rukh Khan in dramatic terms. A minimum of dancing, a serious theme in the heart of the story, and a tragic ending make it one of the best Bollywood movies about unhappy love.

The above-listed movies are some of the Best Bollywood Movies about Unhappy Love. If you have anything to share about the movie, feel free to share in the comment below.


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