Bollywood Movies 1st Week Box Office Collection

Bollywood 1st Week Box Office Collection
One of the biggest and the 5th highest grossing movie Industry, Bollywood releases new movies every week. There is a huge competition is seen with the industry. Every movie that released is unique and this happens week after week. Within a week it becomes clear if the movie will do great in the Box Office. Here we are going to see Bollywood Movies 1st Week Box Office Collection for 2019.

Having a look at 2018 Box Office Collection reports there are several movies that have grossed huge money in the Box Office and some really poor. In 2019 we are going to see the same pattern. So let’s go and check how did 2019 Bollywood Hindi movies did on their 1st Week Box Office Collection.

URI 1st Week Box Office Collection

URI was a good start for the Bollywood Industry. This movie is based on a true incident and people have loved the movie. The first-day box Office Collection for URI was quite decent and the reviews were positive. It became clear that URI is one of those movies that takes a slow start. On the 2nd day, there was a huge difference seen. Later the movie kept performing better and better in the box office.

URI 1st Week Box Office Collection has already grossed 70 Cr and this movie has a great potential to reach 200 Cr club.

For more details Check URI Box Office Collection.

URI Daily box office CollectionCollection (Cr)
URI 1st day box office Collection08.20
Uri 2nd day box office Collection12.43
Uri 3rd day box office Collection15.10
Uri Box office Collection, 4th Day10.15
Uri Box Office Collection, 5th Day09.57
Uri Box Office Collection, 6th Day07.73
Uri Box Office Collection Day 707.40
Uri 1st Week Box Office Collection70.58

Petta 1st Week Box Office Collection

Petta movie was originally launched in Tamil, but being Rajinikanth’s movie this movie was released in more than 1 languages. This movie did pretty well in Tamil Nadu, but could not perform as better as 2.0. The collection is constant, but there was a huge drop seen in North Indian states. Petta movie 1st Week Box Office Collection is 107.60 Cr.

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Petta Daily box office CollectionCollection (Cr)
Petta 1st Day box office Collection19.00 Cr
Petta Box Office Collection 2nd Day16.10 Cr
3rd Day Petta Box office Collection18.00 Cr
Petta 4th Day Box office Collection19.50 Cr
Petta Box Office Collection Day 510.50 Cr
Petta 6th Day Box Office Collection11.30 Cr
Petta Box Office Collection 7th Day13.20 Cr
Petta 1st Week Box Office Collection107.60 Cr

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