Cadillac Records – The Story of Success

It is said that the XIXth century was the golden age for music development: jazz, blues, country-style, pop – were coming to light at the same period. Marvelous Elvis Presly, Charles Waters, Etta James, and others were discovered in the same epoch. Below in this article, we will cover the Cadillac Records – The Story of Success.

Cadillac Records
Cadillac Records

How can Culture be Wild?

 The United States and its suburbs were the sources of “wild culture.” In every corner of its streets, opened sound record studios. The rebellion of black people turned into majestic melodies; this was the expression of resistance in a beautiful way.

Chuck Berry was the one who united separated citizens of the USA. His songs were adorable for everyone, for whites, as well as for blacks. The stage was crowded; it was not shameful to dance to “black man’s” music; Chuck Berry was a legend of his times.

 But how does the world get there? Do you think it was easy?

Actually, not.


Everything started with a poor white man, Leonard Chess, who dreams of having a successful life. He was in love with a girl whose father rejected him for being penniless. That was the crucial moment in Leonard’s life; he gave himself a world: “My wife will have a Cadillac” (Cadillac was one of the most expensive cars in this period).

So the story of rebellion music started.

Tallent of finding talents

Leonard had a talent for finding others’ talent, and as for me, this is the greatest gift of all. He was wandering around the outskirts of the city, listening to street musicians, searching for something new.

Once, he just came across two insane musicians, two black men. He saw their style was matchless, really innovative in music history. So, he did his best and persuaded them to create songs under his instructions. In the history of music, those men remained as Genne Amos, so-called “Jug (“The Boss”), and Mckinley Morganfield, known as Muddy Waters.

He recorded the first songs in a tiny room, later turned into one of the most remarkable places – called “Cadillac Records.” He gave this name as an inspiration, as a landmark of his first love.

Cadillac Records

Also, when his “musicians’ ‘attached the attention of the world, he was able to give them real Cadillac cars as a gift. After this, many famous record-breaker musicians developed their talent with Leonard, and they always got an honorary – the Cadillac car. Etta James, the symbol of a strong woman, was also found by Leonard.

Some people doubt that between Leonard and Etta was pure, unsaid love. One of Etta James’s most distinguished songs, called “I would rather go blind,” was dedicated to Leonard. If you listen to this fantastic music, you will believe in this story if you pay attention to the lyrics.

As we know, Leonard, unfortunately, passed away very young, he was just 52 years old, due to a stroke, while listening to Etta James, recording this incredible song, which I already mentioned, with tears in her eyes.

So, the main thing in the story is to find talented people, help them and help yourself. Nowadays, we have significant opportunities for this. If you think that you have special abilities, special skills for melodies, you can, for example, try Youtubestorm, which will help you to get recognized and acknowledged among people. Times are hard for dreams, so stop dreaming and help yourself.

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