Coolmoviez 2019 Kadaram Kondan Full Movie Download for Free Affecting The Business Of The Movie

Kadaram Kondan Full Movie Download Coolmoviez

Kadaram Kondan is a 2019 Tamil Action Thriller movie also dubbed in Telugu is directed by Rajesh Selva. The movie is produced by the famous Kamal Haasan (Original name: Parthasarathy Srinivasan)  and R Ravindran under the banner Raaj Kamal Films International. the lead roles are played by Vikram, while the supporting cast includes Vikram, Akshara Haasan, Abi Hassan. Below in this article, you can find the details of Kadaram Kondan Full Movie Download by Coolmoviez.

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Kadaram Kondan Full Movie Story

Kadaram Kondan film is predicated on a French film, A Bout Portant (which spawned Associate in Nursing yank work, purpose Blank currently streaming on Netflix), Kadaram Kondan’s most vital attraction will solely be actor Vikram, UN agency plays KK – a mysterious man. Is he a criminal or an undercover agent or a cop? we’d ne’er apprehend.

Selva’s narrative begins with KK in an exceedingly dare-devil getaway the Petronas World Trade Center that may place to shame the antics of the Spiderman. however as luck would have it, he gets knocked down in an exceedingly road accident as he’s pursued by 2 of his adversaries.

The story shifts to Vasu (Abi Hassan) a young doctor (who has simply arrived on Associate in Nursing assignment in Malaysian capital along with his heavily pregnant spouse, Aathirah/Akshara Haasan), UN agency is told to stay check out KK. At home, Aathirah is taken captive, and therefore the kidnappers demand that the doctor get KK out of the hospital. Whereas, a move that sets in motion a series of roller-coaster events and most of them seem confusing and convoluted.

Kadaram Kondan Full Movie Download by Coolmoviez

Kadaram Kondan is based on Mr. KK, who was a former agent. He is equally most wanted both by the police and the criminals. The film was released on 19 July 2019 and has been doing good business at the box office.

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