Famous Indian Movies about Online Games

Famous Indian Movies about Online Games
Famous Indian Movies about Online Games


Bollywood has had a long fascination with casinos and gambling. Some of the Indian movies on gambling have been very popular and successful. These movies depicted players making real money online casino games. You should not miss the following famous Indian movies about gambling:

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a star-studded Indian movie on gambling. It blends mathematics and the art of gambling. Amitabh Bachchan portrays the role of a renowned mathematician-Venkat. He practices and learns how to gamble and win the big jackpot. Peace is the greatest mathematician in the world. Venkat is invited by Perci to a grand casino in London. This meeting changes both their lives. Venkat shares his theory with Perci that can change mathematics as we know it. After returning to India, Venkat invites three of his students to prove his theory. His theory works and he decides to take on professional gamblers in the games of Teen Patti. This edge of the seat thriller is sure to keep you hooked till the end.


Striker is a gambling-based movie released in 2010. It is based on real-life events and is produced and directed by Chandan Arora. The movie was released on YouTube on the same day as its theatrical release. The central character in the movie-Surya- is a poor boy from the suburbs in India. He has had to face many struggles in life. Surya has an obsession with carrom and becomes a carrom champion at the age of 12. He starts exploring ways to make money by using his unparalleled skills in carrom. However, all these ways are not legal and risk-free. Surya’s talent gets noticed by Jalil, who runs a betting consortium. He gets trapped in this consortium and struggles again to come out of it.

The Great Gambler

The Great Gambler is a movie about Jai who is a professional gambler. He is on a hot winning steak and never loses a bet. Jai soon becomes popular for his gambling skills. He is sought-after by underworld gangsters who want to recruit him. It was a path-breaking movie released in 1979. It was shot in various countries including Cairo, Lisbon, Venice, and Rome. This was unheard of in the Indian cinema during the time. The lead role of Jai was played by Amitabh Bachchan- one of the most iconic stars in Bollywood. He plays a double role in the movie- one of a gambler and the other of a police officer. This movie will take you on a roller coaster ride.


Jannat blends the thrill of gambling with romance. Arjun Dixit (played by Emran Hashmi) is a street-smart gambler. He shows off his gambling skills and wants to make big money in his life. The movie also brings together gambling and Cricket- one of India’s biggest obsessions. Arjun develops a flair for making money by indulging in cricket betting. He makes quick money by becoming a bookie by placing illegal bets on cricket matches. Arjun gets more confidence from this and slowly turns into a match-fixer. He starts influencing the outcome of cricket matches by paying off players. This movie depicts the dark era of match-fixing in cricket during the 1990s and early 2000s. The music in this movie was also very popular. Jannat became a commercial and critical success. It is strongly recommended if you want to understand the obsession with cricket and gambling in the country.


Gambler is one of the first Indian movies about gambling made in 1971. It has Dev Anand in the leading role of Raja. He was abandoned by his mother as a boy. Raja grew up with an enigmatic father figure-Master-a a crime don who expects Raja to work for him. Raja masters the art of gambling through card games. He makes a lot of money with his skills. The story revolves around how he tries to rise above his criminal life. After considerable struggle, Raja comes out of his criminal life. However, he is charged with the murder of Master. The remainder of the plot is what happens after this unexpected event. The music of this popular movie is composed by S.D. Burman and is its strong point.

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