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Ghani Full Movie Download

Mega prince Varun Tej has played a different role as a boxer in the movie ‘Ghani’. With this, there was curiosity among the Telugu audience about this movie. Sports Backdrop Boxing Movie Ghani is directed by Kiran Korrapati. The film stars Varun Tej, Sai Manjrekar, Upendra, Sunil Shetty, and Naveen Chandra in the lead roles. Music by Thaman S., cinematography by George C. Williams, and editor Marthand K. Venkatesh. The film is being produced by Allu Venkatesh and Sidhu Mudda under the banner of Renaissance Pictures.

Trailer Info:

Varun Tej’s ‘Ghani’ movie trailer was released today amid huge expectations. The makers left out the 2.18-minute trailer‌, which looks every bit gripping and interesting. The trailer starts with Ghani promising his mother not to get into the boxing ring and in the next shot, he gets into a fight with an opponent.

The young boxer who hid his secret from his mother overcame all his obstacles to become a national champion. The trailer is full of all kinds of emotions like romance, mother sentiments, and emotions. Leading actress Sai Manjrekar captivated the audience with her glamor.

Movie Story:

Since his childhood, Ghani’s only dream has been to become a professional boxer like his father (Upendra). But because of politics in the sports world, Ghani’s father died. But that did not stop Ghani from fulfilling his dream. He enlists the help of former boxing champion Vijayendra Sinha (Sunil Shetty) and trains hard to become a boxer. The rest is the story of how Ghani fulfilled his father’s dream of winning the boxing championship.

Ghani Full Movie Download: Leaked By Movierulz:

Ghani was released to movie theaters and pirated sites pirated the movie on their sites and they gave download links to their sites. These pirated sites are available for downloading movies in 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. This is very bad news for the filmmakers and they are trying their best to stop these pirated sites in India and still, these sites are releasing movies. But we strongly suggest don’t prefer to use such piracy websites. You may only watch the movies in theatres and OTT platforms.

Movie Review:

‘Gani’ movie premiere shows started in the US on Thursday. Varun Tej became a boxer for this movie. He took special training in boxing. Six-packs appeared on the screen. The first half of the film, which is about 157 minutes long, did not look good. The first episode seems to have spent a lot of time introducing the whole character. The actual story takes some time to begin. The music, songs, and background music composed by music director SS Taman are a plus point for the film. The original story begins in the second half. Varun Tej’s training as a boxer will captivate the audience. In addition, the match in the second half is the highlight of the movie.

There are ways to hook the movie-going audience in a chair. Formed as a sports revenge drama, the film has scenes that connect to the audience. Varun Tej did justice as a boxer. The role of Bollywood actress Saye Manjrekar did not seem to get much prominence. The director’s performance and production values ​​are good. All in all, Ghani is a passing boxing drama in which Varun Tej has done an excellent job. However, the routine storyline, dull first half, and predictable scenes interfere with the proceedings. If you’re okay with all of the above stuff and love sports dramas, you might give Ghani a shot this week but there’s nothing new on display here.

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