Upendra’s Home Minister Movie Latest Trailer, Cast & Crew and Releasing Details

Home Minister Movie

Home Minister is an Indian Kannada entertainer comedy film written and directed by Sri Hari. The film is being co-produced by Poorna Naidu and Srikanth under the banner of Shreyas Chitra Poorna Naidu Productions. It stars Upendra and Vedika in the lead roles and Lasya, Shubha Raksha, Suman Ranganath, Ravi Bhatt, and Srinivas Murthy in supporting roles. The film stars Upendra as a techie, a stage journalist, Lasya as the heroine’s friend, and Shubha Raksha as the Village Girl.

First Look Poster Details:

This poster and Upendra words created a sensation among the fans. In the poster, the actor sits on the back of a horse and looks injured. The background of the poster represents the period setting with the logo using elements such as horseshoe and fire to indicate the shape of the trident. It is also expected to be dubbed and released in other languages.

Trailer Details:

The trailer for the upcoming family drama ‘Home Minister’ starring Upendra and the stage lead has been released recently with a very positive response. While Upendra plays the happy homemaker in the film, his wife plays the role played on the stage. For Upendra’s character, it’s not just about running his house, it’s about being a regular ‘housewife’ doing all the chores, including socializing with neighborhood housewives, watching TV serials, and so on. Her husband takes care of the house and his friendship with his lady kitty-party gang does not fit the stage role. Why is Upendra pretending to be a housewife? It forms the core of the story, which also has a thriller element.

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Release Date Details:

After watching the trailer all are eagerly looking for the movie releasing details. Real star Upendra’s much-delayed movie Home Minister is finally ready to release on 01 Apr 2022 in theatres.

Upendra Tweets On Twitter About Home Minister Movie:

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