How A Star Was Born

In 2018 one of the most influential and record-breaking movies- “A Star is Born,” was captured. It became well-known for its excellent cast and storyline. Bradley Cooper directed the movie and was the main character as well. This movie was very intriguing also, as the famous songwriter and singer, Lady Gaga, made her first steps in filmography. Below in this article, we will cover How a star was born.

How A Star Was Born
How A Star Was Born

Rising from the Ashes like the Mythological Phoenix

The movie was not new for the audience. “A Star is Born” was first filmed in 1937.  It was re-made several times – in 1954, in 1976 (starring Barbara Streisand), and in 2018. But the last one, shooted  81 years after the first version, turned out to be an absolute masterpiece.

Bradly Cooper brought the story alive again. The film became one of the most seen and adored films in history. It won one Oscar for the best achievement in music, written for motion pictures. It also took 93 other rewards and was nominated for more than 270 nominations.

Why should you see that?

The story is about two musicians- a man and a young woman. The man is on the edge of success, slowly falling, slowly forgotten among people. The lady is just in the bloom of admiration.

The movie shows how painful forgetting is. Once famous, an admired person is now on the bottom of his glory, remembering those “good times,” feeling that he’s not needed anymore, no one cares for him anymore.

The style he created in music history is also boring for the audience. The movie shows that no glory lasts forever; no matter how great we are, if we stop developing ourselves, we will freeze in one stage and soon be forgotten as never been before.  

One should always catch up with time.

We should always try to observe what people need, what people like. We should try to find ways to gain attention and then preserve it. Time passes, the values change, people change. We need something creative, something unique. Expanding one’s talent is essential; trying to search for new opportunities is vital.

The real problem for the main character was that he was stuck in old times. He was not able to learn something new; he even did not want to. Even though he was a brilliant songwriter at first, people stopped listening to him.

Metamorphoses for good

As for the lady to whom he fell in love, it was vice versa. She was doing her best to attract people’s attention, and she even changed her appearance, looks, and personality.

Here comes the question, is it reasonable to forget your inner values, to be popular, is it reasonable to forget who you are?

Where is the limit of being creative, thinking of what modern times want from you, and what you want, as a person?

This movie is about love, but it is also psychological, as it shows how far one can go. Both of them are dealing with personal problems- one is too proud to do something for fame and glory. The other one is forgetting even herself to gain attention; in the end, both of them are desperate.

How can we deal with that? 

Now it is much easier for us to get famous and stay the same as well. Many programs now help you to spread your talent. You have your unique style; you do not need to change it; you do not have to feel guilty for forgetting who you are.

Modern programs can easily find an audience around the world who will love your style, and this is the best part of it. For example, if you share your sound recordings on Spotifystorm, they will help you find “your people” with the same taste in music.

If Bradly Cooper’s character had such a program, maybe he would feel more valued, or at least, he would understand what he needed in his life. Don’t miss the chance to see this movie and listen to awesome music too.

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