Jannat: In Search of Heaven – Review

Jannat: In Search of Heaven - Review

The film has become one of the most beloved among Indian movies. I watched all the films with Emraan Hashmi. He plays everywhere very well, always very characteristic roles. The plot of the film is predictable, but the charisma of the protagonist does not allow it to break away from the film. I sob at the end of the film every time.

The only thing that is not entirely clear in the storyline is Zoya’s naivety and not the acceptance of her vision of life. Many women want to blindfold a man into a fictitious image; after years, they blame him for meeting him as a completely different person.

The beginning of the film and the ending are emotionally strong for me. Music is successfully selected, takes for the soul, conveys an emotional wave.

Not a single American film will give such an emotional explosion. I watched this film half a year ago, but it feels like I just watched, nothing has changed, this is one of my favorite films. It doesn’t have such strong scenes as an American Gangster, for example, but I still like it probably more because I really liked the main character, but more on that later.

The film is about a young, ambitious player Arjun who is looking for his paradise on earth, but so far he is losing and failing, probably what distinguished him from other players is that he never lost heart, lost with a smile on his face and was sure that he’d be lucky as soon as he meets his Queen, who will be his talisman and which will bring him good luck and love against the background of excitement, money, and cricket, I would say about very strong love that made the protagonist go on thoughtless and risky actions, about love that made him go against himself, which almost broke his weakness for money.

In Jannat, there is a huge emphasis on gambling and Arjun’s talents in cricket booking. He is a very smart street gambler who manages to earn money by casinos. Supposedly, in order to make his performance ever more convincing, Hashmi engaged a lot in real money VIP casino online games to understand the essence of gambling. Even though in the movie, he is more like a cricket-oriented person, the experience in online casinos indeed helped him explore the psychological aspects of gambling.

Emraan Hashmi is a very talented actor, and after this film, I got more sure about that. He played in this film perfectly. I liked his hero Arjun, his character. He is decisive, courageous, self-confident, moderately arrogant, loving, and ready for anything for his beloved. It would be ideal in general, no matter how his thirst for profit is, but each has its own drawbacks.

Regarding Sonal Chauhan, I don’t even know what to say, I was not annoyed but didn’t like her either. Not impressed. In some moments, I could not understand her. I could not understand what Arjun had found in her. Well, probably bright personalities are always drawn to ordinary and grey people.

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The music is very beautiful, and I would say melodic. And I liked the background music, both intense and in romantic moments.

As for me, this film has everything you need: love, joy, tragedy, and a bit of crime, which gives the film a sharpness and dynamism. Maybe there is no unpredictability in the film, but it looks very interesting. In general, I like films in which sadness is diluted with humor. Why does everyone think if a movie is a drama, then we have to cry for the whole film. In this film, I laughed and cried. I love such films to affect the soul. It teaches that one must always rejoice at what is, do not chase big money and that for every mistake you have to pay

The plot is very simple and repeatedly beaten in the world cinema: a passion for profit and excitement. It is a combination that brought no one to the good. Arjun’s role reminded me of Matthew McConaughey’s Two for the Money. As soon as the money arrives, the same gleam in the eyes and the same self-confidence appears – that it will always be so. Arjun is lucky. He is lucky, and it completely bogs him off. An expression appears on the face ‘I’ll buy everything’ (and swims finely compared to other bigwigs!), And this is a harbinger of either a bullet in the back or prison bunk.

Arjun transfers his possessive attitude to life to his beloved girl Zoya. The girl is either stupid or blind. To live so much time with a person and not to guess about the source of such income is, not everyone can. 

In general, of course, the weak girl got caught (I mean the actress). Emran interrupts her in every scene. Arjun is just a fireman. I wondered – how many familiar men from my circle are capable of such acts that Arjun did for his Zoe? And she came to a conclusion: not one could do that. The romance has left the relationship. In general, Hashmi’s role here is super. I recommend watching it for everyone.

The film also got the sequel which was released on May 4, 2012. Emraan Hashmi reprised his role as Arjun in the second part as well and the movie was a commercial success in India.

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