Kedarnath Movie Review

Bollywood movies are the best and it is the booming industry. Coming towards Kedarnath Movie the patriotic movie has lured a huge crowd. Let’s get into the overall review of the Kedarnath Movie Review and Rating.
KedarnathKedarnath displays a familiar love story, it gets a boost after the devastating chaotic flood in the town of Uttarakhand, in 2013. The screenplay of the movie is quite good, but the movie seemed to be a bit slow and unstable. The film captures the beauty of the Himalayas with some beautiful visuals overall in the film.

The writing by Abhishek Kapoor & Kanika Dhillon subtly reflects upon the secular dynamics of Kedarnath. A new start for Sara Ali Khan’s career with her first performance coming in this movie and to know the movie details of Kedarnath Movie Review.

The focus does not change its path and remains on the Love story. Mukku and Mansoor share some beautiful moments in the beautiful scenery. The execution in these areas, along with a memorable debut by Sara, is what keeps the film afloat.

Sara Ali Khan performance in Kedarnath

The floods may have disrupted the town of Uttarakhand but the debutante Sara Ali Khan stands tall in her first ever performance. The actresses seemed like she made a connection with the audience which was the most important factor for her in the first movie. Overall Sara Ali Khan performed very well and gets a thumbs up from our team.

Sushant Singh Rajput performance in Kedarnath

As an experienced actor, Sushant took responsibility as a lead actor in this dramatic romance movie. It was a new experience for the actor as he is playing the role of a human transporter. It takes a lot of effort for such roles as it includes heavy voluntary tasks. Overall Sushant Singh Rajput‘s performance was brilliant and reached the expectation level of the audience.

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