KGF vs Thugs Of Hindustan Box Office Collections

KGF versus Thugs Of Hindostan

It has been some time that we saw the blockbuster Thugs Of Hindostan and in the month of December, we have KGF. KGF is expected to be another blockbuster movie and people have started comparing it with Thugs Of Hindostan. KGF has a huge potential and hence here we are with KGF vs Thugs Of Hindustan box Office Collections. Let’s find how KGF Hindi are doing at Box Office Compared to Thugs of Hindustan

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KGF vs Thugs Of Hindustan Facts

Thugs Of Hindostan is with a huge budget of 335 Cr, whereas KGF is made with 80 Cr of the budget. KGF is the first Kannada movie to make the fastest $100k in the USA. Also, KGF is the first Kannada movie to get released in 5 different languages at the same time.

ItemKGFThugs Of Hindostan
HeroYashAmitabh Bachchan
Aamir Khan
DirectorPrashanth NeelVijay Krishna Acharya
Original IndustryKannadaBollywood
Budget80 Cr335 cr
Release Date21-December-20188 November 2018
Total Screens26007000
Release LanguagesKannada, Hindi, Tamil,
Telugu, Malayalam
Hindi, Tamil,  Telugu
IMDB Rating9.1/103.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating8.8/105.6/10


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KGF vs Thugs Of Hindustan Box Office Collection 

There is a huge gap in Thugs Of Hindostan and KGF box Office Collection. Thugs Of Hindostan was released in more than 7000 Screens and hence it becomes obvious that the movie will gross more. To give you a clear idea on KGF vs Thugs Of Hindostan Box Office Collection here we have day Wise Box Office collection.

DayKGFThugs of HindostanDifference
1st Day30 cr90 Cr60 cr
2nd Day27 Cr57 Cr30 Cr
3rd Day29.3 Cr40 Cr10.7 Cr
4th Day25.40 Cr35 Cr9.6 Cr
5th Day22.5 Cr20 Cr2.5 Cr
6th Day18 Cr11 Cr7 Cr
7th Day10 Cr10 Cr0 Cr
8th Day5 Cr6.0 Cr1 Cr
9th Day4 Cr4.50 Cr0.5 Cr
10th Day7 Cr3.80 Cr3.20 Cr

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KGF Hindi vs Thugs Of Hindustan Box Office Collection 

In Hindi Speaking states, KGF has a huge competition with Zero and hence its overall performance has effected. KGF is one of those movies that will take a slow pace and will grow in a coming day. Here you will find Day wise box office collection for KGF vs Thugs Of Hindostan in Hindi.

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DayKGF HindiThugs of HindostanDifference
1st Day2 cr42 Cr40 cr
2nd Day3 Cr35 cr32 Cr
3rd Day4.10 Cr24 Cr19.9 Cr
4th Day5 Cr20 Cr15 Cr
5th Day4.8 Cr8 Cr3.2 Cr
6th Day2.60 Cr5 Cr2.4 Cr
7th Day1.5 Cr5 Cr3.5 Cr
8th Day1.25 Cr3.50 Cr2.25 Cr
9th Day1.5 Cr2.90 Cr1.1 Cr
10th Day2.25 Cr2.50 Cr0.25 Cr

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Yash vs Aamir Khan

There is no doubt that Aamir Khan has a huge fan following than Yash. But Yash has a growing fan base and for the interest of the Audience, we try to cover some points here.

Popularity and Fame

Aamir Khan has a huge fan base in India and Asian countries and has worked on around 94 movies in his career.

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KGF will surely make Yash popular and familiar to Audience across India as this movie is released in 5 different languages. It is a good platform for Yash to build upon.

Performance in this movie

As we all know that Aamir Khan is called the perfectionist in Bollywood Industry and hence his role in this is also Perfect. He is one of the Thugs and has played his role perfectly well.

KGF is Yash’s best movie and known for action. Yash performance in this movie is flawless and this is one of his best movies of all time.

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