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Konda Polam Full Movie Download


Vaishnav Tej’s latest release is Konda Polam Movie. Rakul Preet Singh is the heroine. This is a rural adventure movie. Based on the novel of the same name written by Sannapureddi Venkata Ramireddy, Krish’s Kondaporam is a coming-of-age ceremony for a boy in the Kadapa shepherd community. Here get the details about Konda Polam Full Movie Download.

The film is based on the story of Sannapureddi Venkata Ramireddy famous book Konda Polam. The Konda Polam shot during the second wave of Govt was released in Konda Polam theaters on October 8th. Fans are watching this movie exactly.

Movie Trailer

The trailer for the Kondapolam movie was released by First Frame Entertainments on September 27, 2021, on its official YouTube channel. The trailer got a good response from the audience. In this trailer, you can observe Vaishnav Tej playing Ravindra Yadav, who has not passed the job interview many times and faces humiliation from the interview in his background. He came from a pastoral territory and his parents were illiterate. However, he is trained in the Nallamalla forest and proudly says that he did not go to any company. Finally, the trailer explores Rabindranath’s decision to go with his father like Konda, and how he got rid of the problem.


Movie story

Konda Polam revolves around Ravindra Yadav, who, during his IFS interview at UPSC in New Delhi, describes his journey at the insistence of the Chief Interviewer (Nasser). Ravindra hails from a poor family in a village near the Nallamallaforest in Kadapa. Raveendran’s father teaches him by herding sheep. After completing engineering and software courses at Ameerpet, Raveendran returned to his village in Hyderabad without finding a job.

Inevitably, Ravindra, his father, his childhood friend Opulamma (Ragul Preeth), and villagers Ravi Prakash, Hema, and Mahesh Veeda take him to the Nallamalai forest. The forest on the other hand is ruled by tigers, and the brutal smugglers who cut down valuable sandalwood trees also pose a threat to innocent villagers. The whole story is about how gentle and fearless Raveendran overcame his fear and became an IFS officer.

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