Can Laal Kaptaan Rock The Opening Day Box Office? Know Our Box Office Prediction

Laal Kaptaan Box Office Collection

If we talk about Saif Ali Khan, then Laal Kaptaan is the movie that you might hear. In fact, this is his most awaited movies. Recently, we have seen him going out for the movie promotion and also the trailer of the review is unique and seems like a good story. But what is more important here is will Laal Kaptaan do good in the Box Office? We believe that the movie has great potential to do an amazing Opening Day Collection. One of the reasons is that there is no big production house movie releasing on the week. On the other hand, movies like WAR has already reached its 3rd week and The Sky is pink will reach the 1st Week. This ensures that Laal Kaptaan Box Office Collection will do better.

Laal Kaptaan Screen Count

Screen Count does play a vital role in a good Opening Day. The simple reason is more Screens more collection. According to the recent update, Lal Kaptaan’s total Screen Count is estimated to be around 2000. According to the source, the movie has 1700 Screens across India & 300 Screen overseas.  So, will it really do good in the Open Day? Let’s find out.

Laal Kaptaan Box Office Collection 

Looking at the trailer, the screen count, and also looking at the public reaction we believe that the movie might gross around 80 to 120 Cr. Saif Ali Khan has a huge fan following at the Hindi Speaking states and in Hindi Speaking states there are more than 1500 Screens allocated. According to that, we believe that Saif’s Laal Kaptaan might earn around 8 to 10 Cr in the opening day,

But rest will depend on the movie. If the review is good, then the 2nd Day, being a Saturday, we believe that it might gross more on the 2nd Day. If things do not work as planned, then it is hard for the movie to even gross not more than 40Cr.

Laal Kaptaan Hit or Flop

Laal Kaptaan’s Hit or Flop depends on the 1st Day reaction. It depends on both, Critics as well as Public Reaction. It is too early for us to decide if the movie is a hit or a flop.  The exact budget for the movie is not yet shared, but it is said that the movie is made with a rough budget of 50Cr to 80Cr. Which means, Laal Kaptaan will have to gross around 150Cr to become a hit movie.

Keep watching this space to know more about the movie.

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