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 Oh Manapenne Movie


Oh Manapenne is an upcoming Tamil movie, directed by Kaarthikk Sundar while produced by Satyanarayana Koneru, Ramesh Varma Penmetsa.  The movie Starring Harish Kalyan, Priya Bhavani Shankar in the lead role. Music of Oh Manapenne composed by Vishal Chandrashekhar and editing of the movie done by Kripakaran. The movie is scheduled to release in 2021.

Oh Manapenne Movie Plot

The story of the movie Oh Manapenne is about the traditional ritual of meeting a boy and a girl. We don’t have any idiom to describe it in Tamil. We had put some thought into ‘Malai Soodam Velai’ but he was not so trendy, wanted a different youth title. That’s why the team of the film chose Oh Manapen, which means ‘Oh my bride’. It is a comedy, a very popular song with the same accent. ”

The original film helped Vijay and Ritu climb the springboard, so the Tamil remake’s performance also garnered a lot of attention. “When one thinks of these characters, the actors that come to mind are Harish and Priya. In the original, Ritu Varma played a boss and Vijay Devarakonda played a boy-next-door housewife. Harish and Priya are actors who can do it with determination,” says Kartik.

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Pelli Chupulu director Tarun Bhaskar shared the first look of the remake. While it is very natural to compare it to the original, Kartik says, “Pelli Chupulu is very close to my heart. It has heart and soul, and I admire that. I don’t want to disturb that core essence. So, with the new presentation and performance, we tried our best not to disturb that character.

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