Pirangipura Movie Latest News Updates, Cast & Crew, Release Date Details

Pirangipura Movie

Pirangipura is an Indian Kannada confusion thriller film is directed by Janardhana P Johnny. Additionally, many additional experts contributed to the production of this Pirangipura Film which combines Janardhana P Johnny. Vijay had rushed for as much as 30 percent of the cinema before he suggested damages in a road accident in June. The narrative of Pirangipura dates back to around 1,800 years before and is thereby Rajaram.

Cast & Crew:

National Award-winning actor Sanchari Vijay is playing the principal leadership Significant. The remaining stars Raana, Sugumar, Ganavi, and JJ are playing the supporting characters in this movie. The music is composed by Shyam L Raj moreover Cinematography by Advaitha Gurumurthy for this movie.

Movie Plot:

The creators of the epic Kannada action thriller Pirangipura are in a difficulty after the untimely death of Sanchari Vijay who performs the role of an angry old man named Rajaram in the cinema. He moves from Karnataka to Pirangipura in Rajasthan to reach his soulmate later a 30-year separation. While the director of the cinema, Janardhana Reddy, tells us, Pirangipura existed Sanchari Vijay’s dream project so we do running no pebble unturned to acquire and deliver this film.

The shoot of the younger division of Sanchari is practically finished. We had planned a 3D rubber model of Sanchari Vijay. Now, we are seeing opportunities to create the portions where he plays an old guy. We are unless hoping to find an actor who has a configuration similar who can be changed to fit the bill through prosthetics, or we will look at VFX and complete the portions with the help of technology, of course, the latter is too costly.

Release Date Details:

Pirangipura movie released in the year 2020 because of the covid pandemics the release date will postpone. The release date of the Pirangipura movie is 21-Nov-2021 in Theatres. So all are watching this movie in theatres with safety precautions.

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