Ray – A Story of a Blind Talent

A great passion is what a musician needs. The melody should shake your body, mind, and soul. Music is what makes your life better. Many incredible composers and musicians had a strange and complex life. Below in this article, we will cover the Ray – A Story of a Blind Talent.

Ray - A Story of a Blind Talent
Ray – A Story of a Blind Talent

When we speak about great hits that changed the world with their lyrics, beat, or musical style, we think it was easy for its creatures. For example, when we listen to one of Freddie Mercury’s songs or Michael Jackson’s hit, we may think they were born with realizing how great they are. But in reality, finding themselves good enough was a challenging and sometimes impossible reach.

If you are afraid of innovations:

Every great songwriter had a hard life, struggling with others and proving that this new style they created was good. Deep down, we are all afraid of innovations; we prefer to have what is already well known, then listen or create something new.

For us, it is much easier to get along with a brand unique music style- you can search what is more popular and even see how to stream a melody in a modern way. For example,  if you are an iPhone user, you can simply see Apple Music Marketing and develop your achievements even more. You should not freeze in one place. You should find your talent, even if you are blind. Like Ray did.

The sad man’s story- great Ray Charles

Legendary Ray Charles’s childhood was not happy. Every cloud has a silver lining. The memories, the pain, the poverty – together created a tragic and kindhearted man. Ray became the face of the 1950s and1960s. Every music has its history, the real past that makes the music so close to you. 

When you listen to the lyrics, you realize that it was not created just for fun. It feels like Ray was sitting lonely in the room, murmuring to himself, remembering his tragic life, his adorable mother’s death, the sadness caused by his brother’s death; everything is in the melody. If you love “suffering yourself” just like I do, then you should probably see the great movie, directed by Taylor Hackford,  released in 2004.

About the movie:

The storyline is fascinating. It starts from Ray’s very late childhood, showing how his mother struggled for everyday life, doing her best to give her children at least food. This movie also tells us how Ray lost sight of his eyes. Some people think that he was blind-born, but a childish trauma, in reality, caused it. I’m not going to tell you the whole story, not to spoil you. You should see that. 

From this stage of his life, after a terrible accident, a boy has deep depression. Imagine, it is hard to be blind-born, but at least, you have never seen anything. Not imagine you know how beautiful the world is and suddenly lose sight of it. This emotional distress caused the fact of being addicted to drugs.

The movie lasts for 152 minutes (more than two hours, but worth it, believe me) and has won 2 Oscars and the other 51 wins. Jamie Foxx is starring for Ray Charles. The films show every stage of Ray’s life. Adulthood, first love, creating family, being in the blossom of success, still feeling guilty and depressed, missing his mother. The movie is also valuable for its beautiful pieces of music.  So, if you have not seen that, just get cozy and turn on the movie.

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