Saif Ali Khan Is Upset When People Says He Had Copied Jack Sparrow Character In Laal Kaptaan

Laal Kaptaan Saif Ali Khan

After such a long time we are finally seeing Saif Ali Khan in an action drama movie. He is playing Naga Sadhu in his upcoming movie Laal Kaptaan which is a unique character that we haven’t seen anyone playing in Bollywood. Recently, in an interview, he expressed his sadness when people say the charater is a  copy of Jack Sparrow.

There is no doubt that he has put heart and soul in this charater. In fact, this unique charater looks quite different from Jack Sparrow. The only similarity is the type of bandana he is wearing.  Apart from the forehead part, the entire costume is different. We do believe that Saif had put a lot of effort in this role.

Despite of being compared with Jack Sparrow, there is no doubt that Laal Kaptaan will be remembered for life. This is not the first time, but many actors face this criticism no matter how good they try to act or look. We believe that this is the part of the paparazzi.

During an interview, Saif opened up & Said, “It upsets me when people say Jack Sparrow because it’s really not. These are the elements that our culture has given cinema and this is something very seeped in India. The Naga Sadhu, the dreadlocks, bandana and his ash face, even the red jacket comes from the East India Company, so it’s a character from our time.

Lal Kaptaan movie is releasing on 18th Oct this week and we are sure that everyone would like to see Naga Sandhu’s character. Not only that but also, Zombieland: Double Tap is releasing on the same day, which might create conflict.

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