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Sairat is a 2016 Marathi romance movie directed by Nagraj Manjule and Produced by Nitin Keni Nikhil Sane, and Nagraj Manjule under Essel Vision Productions. Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar have played the lead roles, while the supporting cast includes Tanaji Galgunde, Jyoti Subhash and Nagraj Manjule. Coming to the film Crew: Music is composed by Ajay−Atul, while Nagraj Manjule has provided the screenplay. Below in this article, you can find the details of Sairat Full Movie Download and also the legal platforms to watch Sairat full movie online.

Sairat Trailer

Sairat’s production company Essel Vision Productions had released Sairat Trailer on YouTube which is well received by the audience with more than 8M views, a good number for a small marathi film.

Sairat Full Movie Story

The picture shows the extent of casteism in Indian Villages, particularly the villages in Maharashtra. Parshya (Akash Thosar) is a village boy fond of cricket and is in love with another girl from the village. The Opening scene is a cricket match with great commentary from the Manjule. But the boy disappears from the Match to secretly watch the girl he loves. The girl is Archi (Rinku Rajguru), the daughter of the village head. Parshya is the  son of a fisherman and also the brightest boy in his class. Archi observes Parshyas mad love and reciprocates, then the Love blooms between the poor boy and the rich girl who are from different castes.

Archi is a very tough girl, she rides bikes and tractors. Archi’s family strongly opposes their love, so they elope to nearby city and try to make their lives happier. In the due course, the couple are blessed with their first baby. The work hard and saves money to buy a flat. When everything is going well for Parshyas family, there is a twister waiting in the climax.

Sairat Cast & Crew

Movie NameSairat
Release Date2016-04-29
Movie Director(s)Nagraj Manjule
Movie Producer(s)Nitin Keni Nikhil Sane, and Nagraj Manjule
Production CompanyEssel Vision Productions
Lead CastRinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar
Supporting CastTanaji Galgunde, Jyoti Subhash and Nagraj Manjule
ScreenplayNagraj Manjule
Music Composer(s)Ajay−Atul


Sairat movie review:

An epic love saga that you will witness in ages, this is what I would say if you’d ask me to describe Sairat in a line. Despite being held by the shackles of being a regional film, the film did register its name on the industry.

The film dealt with the stereotypical issue of casteism, Sairat tried to point out the pathetic mentality of the people in rural India on the issues of inter-caste marriages.

Akash Thosar playing Parshya in the movie falls for Archi a girl from his village. Love dwells up between them over time, but like every other story complications are there, and this story there are just too many. The boy belongs to a lower cast and his family background isn’t too sound financially while the girl is from a rich and upper-caste family. Despite the neck-wrecking efforts of the couple, they couldn’t convince their families. And eventually, when things started going their way, something disastrous happens to them.

Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar became overnight stars and still, they are remembered by their on-screen names. The film was an absolute masterclass and ruled the box office like a boss for weeks. Its a must watch for romance lovers.

Sairat Full Movie Download

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