Salman Khan Net Worth

Salman Khan Net worth

If we talking about Khan’s of Bollywood, then Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are the most talked celebrities. Salman Khan is known for his Swag and charity. Apart from acting, he is also involved in Producing movies. Not only that, he owns a textile brand called Being Human. He has a huge fan following not only in India but in entire Asia. As per 2019 Update, Salman Khan Net Worth $300Million, which is around Rs.2000 Cr. Here we will see all that Salman Khan owns.  After reading this article, you will get to know about Salman Khan’s House, Cars, Bikes and more.

Salman Khan Houses

The king of Bollywood, Salman Khan still lives in the Galaxy Apartment. In fact, he lives with his family in Bandra’s 1BHK Galaxy Apartment. He lives in the 1st Floor of the building. If we consider the price of his flat, then it cost around 30Cr. Also, he owns a farmhouse in Panvel names Arpita Apartment. This farmhouse cost more than 2Cr & the current value as of 2019 is more than 10 Cr.

In 2014, Salman Khan bought a house in Dubai at Burj Pacific. The price for this house is not shared, but it is expected to be around 20Cr.

Salman Khan Car Collection

Apart from movies, Salman Khan has a huge car collection. He owns some of the best cars from major Super Cars segment. Let’s see the list of Cars Salman Khan owns.

  • One of the stars to own a Lexus LS is Salman Khan. This car is worth Rs. 1.70Cr.
  • He also Owns a Porche Cayenne GTS worth Rs. 1.70Cr.
  • Apart from this, he owns 2 Audie Series cars that are Audi R7 worth Rs. 1.60Cr and an Audi Q7 worth Rs 80Lakh.
  • Mercedes is one of the brands that every celebrity owns and Salman Khan has 2. He owns a Mercedes Benz S Class and AMG GL.

Salman Khan Bike Collection

Not Only John Abhram, but Salman Khan is one of the who is a huge fan of Bikes. He owns some of the top Super Bikes. Let us find out the list of SuperBike Salaman Khan Owns.

  • After the launch of Suzuki Hayabusa, Salman Khan one of the first celebrities to own this bike. This bike cost Rs 13 Lakh.
  • Apart from Hayabusa, he also owns Suzuki’s Intruder M1800Rz costing around 15 Lakh.

Salman Khan Bicycle

You might have heard Slaman Khan roaming on a Bicycle. Salman Khan does take good care of his fitness and hence you will find him roaming on Giant Propel 2014 XTC which costs rs $4.32Lakhs.

Salman Khan Being Human Business Worth

Being Human is one of the most known brand own by Salman Khan. In fact, most of the profit he owns is gone shared with charity. As of 2019, Being Human is worth Rs235 Cr.

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