Songs in Bollywood Films: The Process of Creation

Songs in Bollywood Films: The Process of Creation
Songs in Bollywood Films: The Process of Creation

Long and fiery dances, songs and beautiful costumes in the film. Even with such a short set of characteristics, one can easily guess that we are talking about Indian cinema. below in this article, we will cover the Songs in Bollywood Films: The Process of Creation.

Indian films cannot be imagined without music, dancing and, of course, songs. Actually, this attracts many viewers. Have you thought about how to create music for Indian films? Most likely you didn’t even think about the fact that they pay more attention to creating songs, music, and dancing than to everything else in the cinema. Let’s see what is behind the colorful picture and melodic rhythms in more detail.

Songs in Indian Cinema

Songs are a traditional element in Indian culture and in cinema as well. Dances and songs in a Bollywood movie can play both an explanatory role and an entertaining one.

Surely you have repeatedly noticed that the plot of Indian films can be stereotyped, but the musical and dance component always captures the attention more than the plot. There is a logical explanation for this. These elements are given more attention than anything else. Also, sometimes decorations and costumes can exceed the amount of the actors’ salary.

Who performs songs in films? There was a stereotype that all the songs in Indian films are performed by the actors themselves. But is extremely rare for artists to perform songs themselves. With the development of the film industry in India, there is a need for such a profession as a voiceover artist. Such a specialist has to perform songs instead of actors. It is extremely important for Bollywood directors that the actors maintain a beautiful expression. Moreover, such a profession is considered prestigious. And these specialists have no fewer fans than actors or pop singers. Agree, this is very unusual when compared with Hollywood canons. 

The Process of Creating Songs in Bollywood

Usually in western cinema, ready-made songs are used. They are also often created during plot editing. The director shows the composers a certain point where he would like to see a musical insert. But how does everything happen in Bollywood?

There is no single process for making music for a movie, especially when it comes to Bollywood. Often, soundtracks are released before the premiere of films, which means that the traditional approach to creating songs is not always applicable to Bollywood.

Who Creates Songs?

Many do not even realize that the process of creating songs for Indian films is beyond the reach of beginners. All this is because the authors have to write the text on top of the existing music and not everyone succeeds without real practice.

Usually, songs for Bollywood films are created by prominent poets and literature specialists. In this case, music is created by individual composers, then literati create the text and all this in tandem with the choreographer. But most importantly, usually, the text is already imposed on the finished composition and choreographic production.

Directions of Bollywood Film Music

The main theme for the songs of Bollywood films has always been and continues to be love. Music in the cinema combines classics, traditional Indian motifs, folklore and even new trends.

Bollywood manages to produce romantic and sincere lyrics, which are accompanied by clockwork Indian rhythms. If the directors do not always pay attention to the exciting plot, then the dancing and musical parts always receive special attention.

Many people note various goofs that do not impress the Western audience, but it is extremely difficult to find fault with the musical part. It is worth noting that many songs from Indian films become not only national hits but also conquer many countries.

Amazing Facts About Bollywood Songs

  • Almost all Indian viewers expect dancing and singing scenes in the movie.
  • The two Bollywood songs “Ye Mera Dil Yaar Ka Diwana” and “Ae Nujawan Hai Sub” inspired Black Eyed Peas to create “Don’t Phunk With My Heart”.
  • Watching movies in cinemas is like a show. When songs are played in the film, the audience begins to dance.
  • On average, one film contains from 5 to 9 tracks.
  • The maximum number of songs and musical compositions is recorded in the film “Indra Sabha.” The number reaches 71 tracks.

The Last Thoughts

Indian movie without songs is something unreal and even strange. The most interesting thing is that getting to Bollywood as the creator of songs or music is not as easy as it sounds. This requires specialized education, which is not so cheap as other specialties in the field of the film industry. But this is a good chance for real talents.



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