Sooryavanshi’s Actor Akshay Kumar Says Ranveer Singh And Ajay Devgn as Desi Avengers Of The Cop Universe

Sooryavanshi’s first impression happened in Singham. Since then, there is just shooting updates about the movie. Recently, we have seen a kick start to the promotion of the movie, but we are yet to see the trailer. This is Rohit Shetty’s 3rd cop movie, which seems like a desi Avengers of the cop universe as per what Akshay Kumar has said in one of his recent interviews. On one of Akshay Kumar’s recent social media posts, he shared the first look of the Sooryavanshi movie.

In the first poster look, you will see Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, and Ranveer Singh. Akshay Kumar on his  Instagram post posted the picture saying, “The desi Avengers of the Cop universe! When Bajirao ‘Singham’ meets Sangram ‘Simmba’ Bhalerao meets Veer #Sooryavanshi, expect not just fireworks but a full-blown blast on 27th March, 2020.

According to Akashy’s post, it has also got confirmed that Sooryavanshi movie will get its release next year (2020) on 27th March. What’s more to come is the trailer, which we believe will be out by February 2020. The shooting of the movie has already started and we might get to see more updates about the movie. The story of the movie is yet to be confirmed, but that’s sure it is going to be good vs evil.

Will We See Ajay and Ranveer

This is one big debate happening. If Akshay is addressing Ajay and Ranveer in the poster, then will we see both the Bajirao and Sangram in Sooryavanshi? Similar to Singham, we might see both the actors in the climax of this movie.

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