Tata Play’s Unique Strategy to Deal with the Rising Popularity of OTT Content

Tata Play

Watching TV together has been a favorite form of entertainment for Indian audiences. It provides a bonding experience with family and friends like no other. Tata Play, previously known as Tata Sky, has taken the responsibility of providing audiences with enhanced entertainment so you can enjoy all your favorite content along with your family and friends.

While Tata Play offers access to a wide variety of channels, the Indian audience wants more. Many Indians, especially the Gen Zs and millennials, are not satisfied with flipping between TV channels. They want to explore the exciting OTT content. Until now, there weren’t too many options. But with the emergence of popular OTT channels, entertainment has revolutionized to a great extent. Let us take a look at how entertainment has transpired to a new level! 

Netflix and Other Platforms in the OTT Sphere

Netflix has become one of the leading entertainment platforms with international as well as Indian content. The other popular streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, SonyLiv, Disney+Hotstar are not too far away in the competition. With the variety of content available on the OTT platforms, the subscriber bases are reaching new heights. 

OTT and Live TV: Entertainment Knows No Bound

Tata Play has embraced the fact that Indians are experimenting by consuming content from places other than traditional TV. While the number of OTT subscriptions are rising every day, Indians haven’t ditched mainstream entertainment through linear TV. 

Therefore, Tata Play, the one of the best DTH companies in India has decided to double the entertainment for its customers by bringing both OTT and traditional TV under one roof. Tata Play aims to provide an integrated TV viewing experience to all its subscribers. In order to venture beyond DTH services, Tata Play, with its new name and identity, will provide content from traditional DTH channels as well as OTT platforms with a single subscription. 

They have roped in Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan to let customers know about the exclusive set top box plans. The charm of R Madhavan and Priyamani will come into play in popularising the new plans and offers in the south. 

Tata Play Binge Combo Packs

With Tata Play Binge Combo Packs you can now watch both live TV and OTT shows with one recharge. New users can choose a recharge plan to ensure that they can get both forms of entertainment. 

You will have to choose from a wide range of Tata Play Binge Combo plans to enjoy this benefit. The plans will give you access to 12 OTT apps along with SD and HD channels. Some of the most popular DTH packs to get both OTT and live TV are as follows:

  • Regional TV Binge and News Kids TV Combos: You can get this pack for Bengali, Gujrati, Malayalam, and Tamil languages. It will give you access to 41 SD channels apart from OTT content. 
  • Sports Infotainment TV HD Binge Combo: If you are a sports freak who loves watching OTT content, this might be one of the best DTH packs for you. You will get access to 22 SD channels and 16 HD channels apart from OTT content with this pack. 
  • Gujarati Hindi TV HD Binge Combo: The combo offers you Hindi as well as Gujarati channels. You can get access to 39 SD and 26 HD channels with this pack. 

You can also get a few Tata Play Binge combo plans that offer Netflix. Apart from the other 12 entertainment apps, you also get access to Netflix with these combo plans. Some of the plans that will also offer Netflix are as follows:

  • Hindi TV HD Binge Netflix Basic Combo: This is the cheapest DTH plan that will give you access to Netflix. You get 52 SD channels and 28 HD channels with this pack. It is compatible with only one device.
  • Hindi Family TV HD Binge Netflix Basic Combo: You can get access to 66 SD channels and 31 HD channels with a DTH plan. You can stream with only one device at a time with this pack. 

Get Tata Play Today

You should take your Tata Play subscription today to get the best of the both worlds for entertainment. Choose a recharge plan according to your convenience and never miss out on live TV as well as OTT shows. For more details, visit https://www.tataplay.com/.   


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