Teen Patti Movie Review 

Teen Patti Movie Review
Teen Patti Movie

Indian movies have been gaining popularity over time and have collected quite a big audience throughout the past several years. The main reason for that stands on the story plot and the creativity producers put in their movies. The movie we will be talking about today is Teen Patti, which has gained a lot of attention and has become a topic of discussion for many critics and movie lovers.

Teen Patti is about gambling and teenagers, which is one of the most discussed topics and always has an audience. The movie has also encouraged many discussions and set certain new standards in gambling themed movies. The acting skills were quite outstanding and overall, the plot was exciting, making everyone glued to the screen for the whole length of the movie.

The story revolves around a genius mathematician, who wants to test his theories and strategies. He finds out that gambling is a perfect fit. We see this occur in real life as well. Usually, people with some extraordinary and exceptional skills are ignored by their community. In this case, the genius mathematician, Professor Venkat Subramaniam was ignored by society. His best attempt to gain some attention and get engaged in the community was to take a risky step and enter a very addictive and exciting lifestyle such as gambling. The decision is the reason for the whole fun and excitement as well.

The plot 

Teen Patti is definitely not the only movie about gambling and about people trying their luck and skills in the gambling industry. Yet, this movie is an excellent example. A number of movie plots have real stories behind them, as gambling is always perceived differently wherever we see it. Teen Patti is an online casino game, which is very popular among Norwegian players. You can learn more about the gambling rules and strategies here. Different casino games carry different stories and vibes so you can easily draw the parallel between the movie plot, action, and the reality, which is not far from the screens as we see it.

The plot for Teen Patti is about one single decision and the outcome it has brought. The professor who has been mentioned above tries to play on both sides to prove his experiments with math, by the real-life evidence from the world of gambling and uses a bunch of students to get through the tough rules and borders of the gambling industry. They all sneak into the underworld of the card rooms. Yet,  no one was expecting the amount of crime that they saw.

The film is a taut thriller, which uses many styles throughout the whole movie and showcases the reality of teenage lives. It also presents the life of the underworld and its “inhabitants”. The portrayal of an edgy lifestyle and of modern youth is also very vivid in the movie. If this was not enough for you to watch the full movie, there’s more to uncover.

All are present including the enticement in the character and currently in-form status of Amitabh Bachchan, who is hell-bent on a second, third and fourth coming. After mesmerizing Auro in Paa, Amitabh’s eccentric mathematical wizard who talks to Albert Einstein, when he’s alone, is one of the most watchable moments in Teen Patti. Of course, there are his musings with Ben Kingsley too. But one would have wished the filmmakers had made more substantial use of the tumultuous talent of Mr. Kingsley than reducing him to a mere listener.

What the movie tells us

What is also important to remember is the unfolding process of young life as well as the gambling industry and the cohabitation of gambling and youth. The outcome it brings and the possibilities it might open simultaneously. The movie represents the very odd assortment of the new players, who are four students and one genius professor, who all together test the theory of possibility through a game of cards. This could actually be a very good idea, if not for greed.

The movie also shows everyone that gambling is actually very addictive. This once again reminds us that it doesn’t really matter how well the theory of probability works and the excitement it brings, players still have to be careful with their wishes and desires.

The Teen Patti movie represents a regular day in the life of a gambler, shows the desires, and is clear about both sides of the issue. Someone was threatening to harm the professor if he did not stop his experiments and count odds in his favor. But more than all the external threats, it’s the insidious changes that are occurring within the group that is a greater cause of alarm. While a young couple aspires to become the next Bonnie and Clyde, greed’s corroding some others. Will the days of innocence return? Is crime reversible?


While the movie is definitely one of the best recent Indian produced movies, and it can keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole period of time, there are almost no of the aspects which are missed by the producers of the movie to show. There is fun, there is action and there is interest. Despite the fact that the second half of the movie is a little bit repetitive and could have been done a bit differently, there is still a lot to pay attention to.

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