Telugu Movies That are the Perfect Blend of Romance and Action

Telugu Movies That are the Perfect Blend of Romance and Action
Telugu Movies That are the Perfect Blend of Romance and Action

Telugu movies Story, being commercially consistent, have had a significant impact on Indian cinema. This film industry is one of the top revenue generators and has made considerable contributions to the Indian film industry. In 2016, Telegu films collected 13% more overseas revenue than the previous year, says an article on The Economic Times. Two of the most popular Telegu action and romantic movies, Kavacham and Jakkanna, created quite a ripple among the audience with their interesting narration, a gripping storyline, and great screen presence of the actors. Below in this article, we will cover the Telugu Movies That are the Perfect Blend of Romance and Action.



An action-thriller and a cop drama, Kavacham is the story of a sincere sub-inspector, Vijay, who works at a police station in Visakhapatnam. He is willing to go to any extent to help people in need and works very hard at his job. But, his senior, Chintakayala Aavesam, always seems to steal the credit.

Vijay’s widowed mother supports him and encourages him to be honest always, regardless of any situation. His love interest, Samyukhta, works at a coffee shop. After a couple of meetings, when both of them fall in love, Vijay decides to get married to her. Everything is just about perfect when Vijay saves a lonely girl, Lavanya, from getting kidnapped.

Little did he know that a trap is being laid for him and this girl was the bait. Unknowingly, he gets involved in a kidnapping case himself when both the girls go missing. The audience is left to wonder what this conspiracy is all about, where did the girls go and how would Vijay deal with this turn of events. The answers to these questions build up the rest of the movie.

Bellamkonda Srinivas does justice to his role as a police officer and excels in the action sequences. His sizzling chemistry with Mehreen is great to watch, while the climax fight scenes are the cherry on top.

While Kajal does not have much to add to the film, except the Telugu songs, Mehreen is involved in the major plot changes in the film. Neil Nitin Mukesh too has delivered a phenomenal performance as the villain in the last half an hour. The location and background scores are rich and the dialogues will please the audience. The twists and subplots come at the right time, which make the film one of the top Telegu action movies.

Kavacham Cast: Bellamkonda Sreenivas as Vijay, Neil Nitin Mukesh as Vikramaditya, Kajal Aggarwal as Samyukhta Chaganti, Posani Krishna Murali as Chintakayala Aavesam, Ajay Bhupati
Duration: 2 Hours 23 Minutes



A full-blown entertainer, the movie Jakkanna, available online, is a good choice in the comedy genre. The storyline is fresh and hilarious, backed by a spectacular plot and subplots. Ganesh is a happy go lucky man who can go to any extent to help all those who have been by his side during tough times or have helped him directly or indirectly. For example, he had dropped his wallet accidentally at the railway station, which was returned by a beggar. He takes the man to a salon to get him a clean shave, offers him clothes and also makes him sing for YouTube.

The song becomes so viral that the beggar eventually becomes a playback singer and receives a cheque worth ₹1 lakh. Later, a criminal, Bairagi, leaves him unknowingly during a fight with another goon, without harming him. Now, Ganesh wants to repay his good deeds too after growing up. The goons try to attack him but Ganesh shields him and later falls in love with his sister, Sahasra. How Ganesh returns his favor makes up the rest of the story.

Writer-director Vamshi Krishna Akella builds up an appealing storyline with a great balance of comedy and seriousness. The cinematography is worth mentioning and the background score is great too. However, the genius of this Telugu movie lies in its dialogues. A lot of fun-filled moments brighten up the movie and make it an amazing watch.

Jakkanna Cast: Sunil as Ganesh aka Jakkana, Mannara Chopra as Sahasra, Kabir Duhan Singh as Bairagi, Prudhvi as Katakatala Kattappa, Saptagiri as Kung Fu Instructor
Duration: 2 Hours 20 Minutes

Telugu movies have time and again proven to be all-round entertainers and both Kavacham and Jakkanna live up to this reputation. 

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