The Social Network -The Movie About a Young Genius

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our life without Facebook. It appeared in 2004 in social space and remained as one of the most visited sites ever. Nowadays, it has more than two billion users. The story of how Facebook was established is quite intriguing. Even today, after 17 years, we don’t know the truth about it. According to the most acknowledged version, it was created by a Harward student- Mark Zukerberg.

The Social Network -The Movie About a Young Genius
The Social Network -The Movie About a Young Genius

From FaceMash to FaceBook

Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard student when he decided to create an online program for Harvard students only. And so he did. Mark established a “FaceMash”- a program for comparing the students by appearance. The students were having fun with this invention; everyone was interested, the “hottest” student in Harward. 

Imagine you are smart enough to learn in Harward, and now you have the opportunity to be admired as the hottest one. So, this platform became popular in the meanwhile. Somehow, this program sharpened the social difference among students, so the Harward administration banned the program. Every cloud has a silver lining; Mark decided to create something more valuable and less segregational. So this is how the idea of creating “Facebook” was born. 

Nowadays, Facebook is the leading communicational, informational, and marketing page. Thousands of online shops are conceived here. People even buy likes on Facebook to be more successful in their businesses. 

The scandals arose!

However, Mark’s roommates, the twin brothers, complained about the stealing of their idea. Several processes were held at court. The rumor was unstoppable. In the media, on the internet, on TV, everyone was talking about how insidious Mark was and how he stole others’ ideas.

Even though he won the trial, people still doubt that he bribed the judge and the twins. It is hard to say, who was right, but this tangled story inspired David Fincher to make a movie about this story.

About the movie:

David Fincher is one of the most distinguished movie-makers in history. He produced 16 excellent movies, has won more than 60 prizes and 145 other nominations. In 2010 he made a biographical movie about Mark Zuckerberg, named “The Social Network.” The film’s cast was brilliant: talented Jesse Eisenberg played the main character, Rooney Mara, and Andrew Garfield also participated here.

From a cinematographic perspective, the movie is not gorgeous, there are no artistic scenes or beautiful melodies, but still, it won three Oscars and 168 other nominations. So, if you are a Facebook user, I offer to watch this movie.

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