Top 5 Must-See Historical Films

Top 5 Must-See Historical Films
Top 5 Must-See Historical Films

Historical films from time to time should appear in each person’s viewing history. Such films are usually dedicated to a prominent person or a significant historical event. Watching movies of this genre to gain knowledge and write a college paper is not the best idea, but they are very useful for gaining a general understanding of the events of the past. below in this article, we will cover the Top 5 Must-See Historical Films.

Why not spend one of your evenings with benefit and learn about a real event and feel the feelings experienced by real people? But not everyone wants to watch movies about battles or tedious historical events. For this reason, you will find the top 5 historical films that will provide you with not only new knowledge but also a pleasant pastime.

1. La Vita è Bella  (1997)

This film is about one of the most terrible catastrophes in the history of humankind – about the Second World War. However, this story will be told not from the point of view of harsh historical reality, but from the point of view of one person, father, and husband, who voluntarily decides to exchange his life for the life of his family. Does his life have value in conditions when people were killed simply because of belonging to a certain nationality? Yes, it does, and this film will prove it to you.

2. Lincoln (2012)

This biographical film is about one of the greatest people in US history. Abraham Lincoln grew up in a family of a poor farmer and, like no one else, understood how the liberation of slaves could unite society. Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president, who ruled the country during a massive transformation and led his country through a bloody civil war. The movie reflects how the great man had to overcome strong resistance and fight with many opponents. At the dramatic moment of his life, he managed to achieve two historically important goals.

3. 12 Years a Slave (2013)

This film is based on real events about the illegally captured African Americans in the 19th century. The plot revolves around a free-born African American named Northup, who is not only educated but also a famous musician. He falls into slavery and he has to go through all the difficulties and humiliations that slaves lay in wait for. Northup had to enter the possession of more than one owner. One was able to discern a personality in him, but despite the semblance of friendship, he remained his master. Due to circumstances, Northup fell into the possession of another owner, who was famous for his ferocious method of “educating” slaves.

4. Schindler’s List (1993)

This is a cult film about the Holocaust, which was shot based on the novel by Thomas Keneally. The plot of the film tells about the events that take place in 1939. This is the real story of Oscar Schindler who saved more than one life during World War II.

During the war, Oscar was able to open a factory and provide work to a Jew. He helped a Jew with documents so that they could work. Schindler was a member of the Nazi party and at the same time helped save the lives of more than one hundred thousand Jews from death during the war. This film is about a legendary man who managed to save the lives of people without sparing himself.

5. My Week with Marilyn (2011)

In 2011, a picture of the life of the world-famous blonde Marilyn Monroe was released. The authors of the film will reveal one of the most mysterious stories from the life of the actress, namely about her weekly trip to England.

Monroe goes to England to shoot a film. The whole crew is captivated by her charm, and her most ardent admirer is the lowly assistant named Colin Clark. The film is based on his diary, which he led during the filming. The film will convey what happened in the soul of the legendary actress as well as her attitude to love.


Spend time to good use and learn much more about prominent people. As you understand from the list, these are not the films that make you yawn. Yes, they are historical, but at the same time exciting, as they relate to truly amazing people. For that reason, these films can be safely attributed to the must-see movies!



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