Top Best Cryptocurrencies by Capitalisation


The cryptocurrency market offers a wide range of digital assets to buy and trade. If you need more clarification about picking a project to invest in, the best option would be to select among the top cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. 

What is the cryptocurrency market cap? Let’s find it out in this article and see the best-rated digital assets to pick from.

The List of Crypto Assets by Market Cap 

Here are the top-traded crypto assets with their capitalization mentioned in gaps:

  1. Bitcoin (over $394 billion)
  2. Ethereum (over $195 billion)
  3. Tether (over $69 billion)
  4. BNB coin (over $51 billion)
  5. USD coin (over $43 billion)
  6. Ripple XRP (over $23 billion)
  7. Binance USD (over $22 billion)
  8. Dogecoin (over $18 billion)
  9. Cardano (over $14 billion)
  10. Solana (over $11 billion).

What is market capitalization? It is the entire value of crypto assets issued or received another way and put into circulation. To calculate the market cap, you need to multiply cryptocurrency prices by the number of tokens or coins that are in circulation. That is the total value of all coins issued in the market. The ranking we offered above offers ten of the most significant crypto projects. You can pick any of them and invest, for all of them are popular and credible. However, before buying digital assets for trading or investment, you should analyze a project on your own. We recommend picking top-traded crypto giants such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and paying attention to projects such as Solana, and Cardano, for they are actively developing now and have a user base and application.

Where to Get All Cryptocurrency Prices Live?

The fastest and easiest way for a trader to get current crypto rates is to clock crypto charts on one of the biggest crypto exchanges, for example, WhiteBIT. There you will find up-to-date rates and dynamic charts where you may pick any period of time and see how the asset’s state changed. Right there, you can trade and exchange digital assets, deposit and withdraw them and convert them to fiat if you need to. 

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